I think it’s time to try and sleep before the headache comes back. Dx

…so I ended up surviving the night thanks to a couple of headache tablets, a massive bottle of strawberry passion fruit Fruitopia and some reassurance that as long as I got my cleaning done I was fine. Most nights I work I barely crack $80, maybe $100 if it’s busier. Last night I got over $300 in sales and still has small groups of drunk people coming in at 4 am (thanks to the Buck n’ Doe and the fact that the 24 hour grocery store was closed because of the holiday.

Speaking of holidays, I’m 27 and my dad still buys me Easter chocolate. Though I think after 10 years he’s finally figured out that I like dark chocolate much better than white chocolate.

I swear typing is the only thing keeping me up right now.

This is one of the big reasons why I need a day job and not a night shift. So that if I ever happen to be sick (like tonight) I can actually have the option of calling in. I just feel like I’m going to pass out right now.

Oh my god.

I feel so dizzy.

I want to cry.


Apparently there’s a Buck n’ Doe going on in town tonight.

That means all the hammered people will be coming into my shop at around 2am to get food. Dx


Ughhhh, I feel terrible.

I hope it’s a dead shift because I’m not gonna make it.

I never got back to sleep from being awoken at 10:30 am, I have to work a Saturday night shift and my head is pounding.

This should be an interesting night.

Just be like, “Sorry, I’ve got a regularly scheduled enema every week that prevents me from covering your lazy-itis. My rectal health is no joke, but your work ethic is! Ha ha!” then hang up.
I didn’t even bother calling back. Hahhaa.

I swear, that one kid from work calls to try and get me to come in 2 hours early every Saturday that he works. No, no, no, no, no.